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Commercial Pipe Rehabilitation Company in Phoenix, AZ

Backed by a quality-focused, highly dedicated team, Irontree Construction is the local company to trust when you prefer affordable, long-term, sensible solutions. We're a specialized, client-centered pipe rehabilitation company in Phoenix, AZ, with the resources, equipment, and expertise required for all your commercial and industrial piping and plumbing projects.

Our services address a broad assortment of commercial and industrial plumbing, pipe rehabilitation, and new installation needs. Whether you're looking to cost-effectively restore older or damaged pipes or plan a new plumbing system installation, we're ready to help you invest wisely.

Our Main Services

  • The Leader in Trenchless Pipe Repair

    Coating, pipe lining, and point repair are the three options we offer for trenchless pipe repair in Phoenix, AZ. Related demolition and restoration costs are eliminated since the repairs are made with minimally disruptive methods. We use materials that improve bonding and adhesion and address many unique pipe conditions and features.

  • The Trusted Name for Commercial Plumbing and Piping

    We take on commercial plumbing and piping projects involving medical and industrial piping, tenant improvements involving plumbing-related installs or upgrades, and complete commercial repipes. Our commercial plumber in Phoenix, AZ, also does LEED and green compliant installations in the Valley of the Sun.

Other Services

  • Industrial and Process Piping - Our technicians ensure the steady and reliable flow of fluids for industrial machines and systems that include chilled water and compressed air systems.

  • Medical Piping - Our trained and credentialed gas installers are available for projects involving healthcare, hospital, and medical facility piping and related services that include shut-downs and MOB tenant finishes.

  • Underground Piping and Plumbing - We use non-destructive testing methods for existing below-surface plumbing systems and high-performance materials for underground repiping projects.

  • Public Works and Utility - We work with many utilities, municipalities, and contractors throughout the local area to complete new installations, sewer main and lateral rehabilitation, and many other tasks.

  • Green Construction - Draw on our knowledge of local and industry environmental regulations and eco-friendly plumbing and piping options with our green construction services and insights.

  • Building Information Modeling - BIM provides accurate visualizations of plumbing system designs and plans to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the finished results.

Prompt and Reliable

Always on time and on budget without sacrificing quality, Irontree is the company to count on for your projects. Become one of our clients and you'll also benefit from:

  • 200+ years of combined experience
  • Top-quality industrial-grade products
  • Advanced commercial plumbing solutions
  • Money-saving pipe rehabilitation options