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We Provide Trenchless Pipe Repair in Phoenix, AZ, and Other Areas We Serve

We realize saving time and money is a top priority for our commercial clients. These are two goals that can be easily achieved through our minimally invasive approach to repairing commercial and industrial pipes. Trenchless pipe replacement and repair is an affordable and reliable excavation alternative offered by Irontree Construction in:

  • and the surrounding areas

Fast, Effective Results with Trenchless Repair

Trenchless sewer replacement and repair methods have been refined over the years to the point where dig-and-replace is no longer the only viable option. At Irontree, we've further fine-tuned the pipe repair process by using equipment and materials from trusted, industry-leading manufacturers. We also offer several minimally invasive options, allowing for even more flexibility.

How Trenchless Solutions Work

The goal with a trench-free approach to commercial pipe repair is to preserve the existing pipe and keep disruption minimal. For trenchless pipe repair in Phoenix, AZ, and nearby areas, we use three different methods. These are:

  • Brush cast epoxy coating
  • Epoxy resin pipe lining - CIPP
  • Sectional Point Repair

We begin with a video inspection of the affected pipe to determine which method is appropriate. The pipe is prepared for repair with hydro jetting to make sure that all debris is removed to allow for better adhesion of the coating. All the techniques mentioned above allow us to conduct repairs to the affected pipe to the inside surfaces in a way that covers any structural flaws. What you're left with is a fully restored pipe. For pipe lining, we use CIPP lining equipment.

The Methods We Specialize In

Benefit from Our Expertise

Founded in 1978, Irontree is backed by a highly dedicated and experienced team. In fact, our technicians have 200-plus years of combined experience that's a part of every project and job we do. Working with our team also means access to a wide range of service options, from trenchless pipe lining to coating. We also offer our clients maximum value and savings with meticulous planning and careful attention to detail.

There is no substitute for experience.

Every day, we embrace a higher standard of excellence, our people deliver higher quality results and we leverage our experience to achieve the best value for our clients.