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About the Top Pipe Rehabilitation Company in Phoenix, AZ

Our commitment to quality is second-to-none at Irontree Construction. As a well-respected and highly recommended in Phoenix, AZ, with 200-plus years of collective experience, we take pride in our portfolio of commercial plumbing and piping services.

A Look at Our History

In 1978, Gary Williams a manager with Fluor Corp, resigned his position and made the move from Southern California to Gilbert, Arizona with a plan to form a general contracting and development firm. His vision was to develop and build commercial projects and shopping centers. Due to the inflationary economy at that time, Gary was unable to obtain financing to complete his first project – in central Mesa. At the same time, Gary’s wife Helen a Mesa School teacher, met the wife of a local contractor. His company had just had a plumbing subcontractor default on a project and Gary was asked to complete the work. The successful completion of this project led to more work from this general contractor and from others.

Seeing the opportunity, Gary made the decision to continue Irontree Construction and Development, Inc. as a Plumbing Subcontractor. By hiring his first employee, Jerry Wood (recently retired) in October 1979, it cemented the path. By early 1981, Irontree had eight employees and was close to $1M in annual revenues, all while still working out of the Williams home office. In late 1981 Irontree’s first office was opened with the addition of Marj Weber as Office Manager (Marj continues advising as CFO today).

During all of those years, Gary and Helen included their children, Greg and Lori as integral participants in the business. Greg worked with Gary in the field from the beginning and eventually moved up the ranks to project foreman then project manager, VP of Operations, and finally President. Today Greg is 100% Owner of Irontree carrying on the legacy his father left. Lori began working for Irontree as an office assistant at 17 and was Accounting Manager before retiring. Although Gary suffered a stroke in 2011 and passed away in November 2013, the company he founded continues to live on in his children, grandchildren, and hopefully great-grandchildren.

Leadership and Values

Entrepreneurial and agile, we're are a company proud to be a leader in our field. We're also a team with strong values that serve as the hallmark of our business. Everyone apart of the Irontree team is passionate about creating the maximum value for our clients. Our core principles include:


People First

We maintain a dedicated, safety-minded workforce to ensure we provide the level of expertise our commercial and industrial clients prefer and deserve.



We embrace the highest standards with quality and excellence to ensure every job with our name attached to it is one we're proud to have been a part of.



Everyone on our team is responsible, accountable, ethical, and moral when it comes to all aspects of the services we provide.



We're committed to building a strong organization with a new generation of leaders ready to continue to serve our clients well.


From Our President

Greg's primary objective is to lead our company forward into the future. This goal comes with a commitment to adapt to new construction methods as technology advances and continue to meet client expectations. Remains committed to encouraging and supporting his team so Irontree will remain a leader in the commercial and industrial plumbing and piping world.

Why Choose Our Team

What sets Irontree apart? Experience coupled with an emphasis on quality and exceptional client interactions and collaborations is one way to sum up why we believe you'll appreciate working with our team. Choosing us for your commercial and industrial service needs also comes with benefits that include:

  • Transparent pricing

  • Accurate project quotes and estimates

  • Convenient accessibility

  • Cutting-edge technology

We also partnered with top equipment manufacturers to make sure we offer the most effective solutions.

These include:



We utilize the following: Maxi Miller, Midi Cleaner, and Mini Miller.


American Pipe Lining Supply

Pipe relining gets a boost thanks to this brand’s full suite of solutions



CIPP lining is made even more seamless with their range of products



The Envirosight Pro is among the tools for sewer inspections


Visual Imaging Resources

Their Mini-cam Proteus camera system is one of the best today.

We Serve Commercial and Industrial Clients

Irontree specializes in commercial and industrial plumbing and pipe services. We work with general contractors, medical facilities, municipalities, and utilities across the Phoenix Metropolitan area, namely:

  • Tempe, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Gilbert, AZ