Public Works and Utility

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Irontree works with general contractors, municipalities and utilities across the Phoenix Metopolitan area.

Irontree provides underground services for sanitary sewer installations, process water or drinking water, commercial and institutional water systems, force mains, booster stations, pump stations, water mains, storm sewers, fiberglass tank installations, on site wastewater installations, well pointing and sewer by pass pumping.

Irontree also provides meter conversions, green and solar hot water installations, installation of sewer ejectors, process piping above ground and for underground utilities, as well as new installation or rehabilitation of sewer mains and laterals. Our municipal services portfolio includes:

  • Sanitary sewer and water distribution expansions, repairs and modifications for municipal utility systems.
  • Sanitary sewer pumping station installations and modifications.
  • Sanitary sewer and water distribution for commercial and residential developments.
  • Military base sanitary sewer and water distribution installations.
  • Correctional institution sanitary sewer and water distribution systems.