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The Expert for Trenchless Pipe Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Have an expert restore your commercial pipes without major disruptions to your property or business operations by taking advantage of our expertise in trenchless pipe replacement and repair in the Valley of the Sun. Irontree Construction provides a cost-effective way to address the many issues that can affect frequently used pipes over the years.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair Services

An excavation-free approach to pipe repair offers many benefits appreciated by our commercial clients in the local area. Cutting down on project time, minimizing surface disruptions, and extending the life of existing sewer and drain lines among the top ones. Our methods for trenchless pipe repair in Phoenix, AZ, include:

  • Brush cast epoxy coating
  • Epoxy resin pipe lining
  • Pipe patching

How Trenchless Pipe Repairs Work

Trenchless sewer repair traces its origins to the 1970s. Today, the technology that allows for the fast, reliable repair of sewer and drain lines has been refined with better machinery, equipment, and coatings. It's a process that involves inspecting the pipe with a specialized video camera, cleaning the sewer line to guarantee proper adhesion, and applying a strong, flexible coating to inside spaces.

For trenchless pipe rehabilitation services, we use the equipment by Hammerhead and Picote. As there are different application methods we can use, we can address a great number of issues, such as:

  • Tree root damage
  • Corrosion and wear
  • Structural damage limited to certain areas

Our Pipe Lining Services and Epoxy Coatings

  • CIPP Pipe Lining

    Cured-in-place pipe lining is an effective and versatile pipe repair method that allows for the restoration of commercial sewer and drain lines of varying lengths and sizes.

  • Underground Pipe Lining

    This restores underground sewer and drain lines cost-effectively by adding many more years of life and use to the existing line.

  • Epoxy Coating

    We use epoxy coatings that tightly adhere to pipe surfaces, cover structural flaws, strengthen pipe walls, and restore full capacity to sewer and drain lines.

  • CIPP Pipe Repair

    When it comes to commercial CIPP pipe repair, the pipe restoration work is conveniently done without heavy equipment and often in a day or less.

  • Picote Epoxy

    This is a specialized coating from a trusted manufacturer we use to give our clients long-term value when pipes need restoration.

  • Picote Brush Cast Coating

    Our technicians use this simple, fast, and practical coating material on commercial cast iron, clay, PVC, and concrete pipes.

  • Cast Iron Repair

    Older commercial cast iron pipes can often be restored with trenchless rehabilitation methods.

  • No-Hub Pipe Repair

    Minimally invasive methods and coatings can also be used to make repairs in areas with flawed or weak no-hub couplings typically found on cast iron pipes.

Why Work with Irontree

Irontree has been addressing the plumbing and piping needs of commercial clients in Phoenix, AZ, since 1978. We stay at the forefront of industry-leading technology to further maximize savings and efficiency through methods like trenchless pipe lining. Working with Irontree also means competitive pricing and counting on a firm commitment to client satisfaction.

Start with a Consultation and Estimate

We have more than 200 years of combined experience with the problems and issues that commonly affect commercial pipes. If your commercial sewer or drain lines need trenchless sewer replacement or repair, Irontree Construction can find a way to do the work with minimal disruption and optimal savings. Contact us today to learn more about our minimally invasive solutions.