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Gushing water from a burst pipe

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Plumbing issues tend to occur when you least expect them. Most of the time, the damage caused is severe and quite costly. At Irontree, we offer 24hr service for all your plumbing

From the top commercial plumber in Phoenix, AZ, below are the key things you need to remember during a plumbing emergency.

Turn Off the Water Supply

While our professionals from your trusted plumbing company are on their way, check all the heaters and valves on the property and turn them off. This helps reduce the chances of more damage and flooding on your property. If only your toilet is affected, turn off the affected valve.

Contact Your Plumber

At the mere sight of leaks in the floor and ceilings, people tend to panic and forget to call for help. Things tend to get out of hand in a split second in such situations. Worse, people sometimes attempt DIY repairs that could further complicate the situation. Upon contacting us, we will advise you on the best possible steps to take as our team is on its way to swiftly deal with your commercial plumbing concerns.

Turn Off the Water Heater

To avoid costly plumbing repairs, make sure you turn off the water heater on your property. Failing to do so can potentially damage your unit. If your water heater uses gas, do not forget to turn off the gas supply as well. Make a note of these things and you won’t have to worry about costly repairs.

Open Drains And Faucets

Even after turning off your water supply, water in the pipes contributes to continued leaks on your property. It would help if you opened drains and faucets that will drain the water without causing damage to your commercial piping.

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