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Damaged pipe excavated in the soil

There are many methods utilized by plumbing companies for pipe rehabilitation. However, not all of these methods are created equal; some are simply more effective than others. As a trenchless pipe repair specialist in Phoenix, AZ, Irontree Construction has extensive experience in all rehabilitating pipes.

Here, we discuss the different pipe rehabilitation methods.

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)

One of the most effective pipe repair methods is CIPP pipe lining which uses a resin-soaked liner that is often inverted and inserted into the pipeline that is affected after the channel has been cleaned. This blog will highlight effective pipe repairs like CIPP pipe repair and others.

Pipe Bursting

The trenchless sewer repair method is a way to repair the sewer pipes without removing portions of the flooring or its walls. This mode helps ensure that the building pipes are not exposed, or you could opt to have a trenchless pipe replacement that restores an existing line internally by using a host.


Trenchless pipe lining can also be done through. Here, epoxy coating is applied to the existing sewer drain. The epoxy-coated sleeve is then inflated and goes on to cure; this process creates a new tube within the aging one. This underground pipe lining process is excellent for towns and estates.

Picote pipe coating is highly effective and quick for important drain lines. The resin applied is not sprayed but instead undergoes Picote brush cast coating. The resin adheres to many different piping materials like cast iron and PVC. Through Picote epoxy, rehabilitation of damaged or decayed pipes can be done. Depending on the sewer size, other brushes might be used. You must use high-quality chains if you work with concrete or cast-iron materials.

For quality trenchless sewer replacement and rehabilitation, turn to Irontree Construction. We have the know-how to effectively rehabilitate your damaged pipes. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment!