What is Sectional Point Repair?

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Sectional Point Repair

Your commercial property often develops drain leaks or blockages, making you worried about something other than your core business. Fortunately, at Irontree Construction, we utilize the Sectional Point Repair technique to fix the issue. The innovative trenchless sewer repair method helps restore your drains and sewer lines with minimal inconvenience to you and your everyday operations.

Pipe leaks or blockages don’t occur in the whole sewer line system. Instead, they happen to a specific section. You, therefore, don’t need to have the entire line repaired or replaced. We perform CIPP point repairs only to the affected area. In addition, the techniques make sure that we only reinforce the damaged part of the pipeline without digging up extensively.

Before performing sectional CIPP pipe repair, we thoroughly examine the existing pipes to ascertain the problem. We have the necessary skills and equipment; hence there is no room for guesswork.

When Can It Be Used

Our Sectional Point Repair(s) can be installed individually at specific points of damage or deterioration in the piping. From physical penetration damage to older joint failure, these can be utilized in multiples if it becomes necessary. A Sectional Point Repair can be used in conjunction with Epoxy coating projects and continuous CIPP pipe lining.

Benefits of Sectional Point Repair

Sectional Point Repair has numerous benefits to commercial clients, as discussed below:


Time is a vital factor for all our commercial clients. With typically no excavation required, the trenchless pipe lining requires less time to produce satisfactory results. Moreover, only the affected section is repaired; hence no need to attend to the whole line.

Environmentally Friendly

As it relies on trenchless technology, this repair method is environmentally friendly. After all, there is no excavation of trees or other infrastructures on your property.


Using sectional point repair is less expensive, especially if the alternative is the traditional methods. The innovative technology calls for no structural modification.

When it comes to trenchless pipe repair in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas, always rely on Irontree Construction. Call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.