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This week, the Irontree trenchless team took on a new project at the Maricopa County Foods Division of Lower Buckeye Jail.

Irontree Construction was contacted to perform a commercial plumbing service that involved inspecting a boiler room drainage system. During the initial assessment, we noticed all floor sinks had severe deterioration, and the host pipes were in poor condition. Our technicians proposed removing and replacing the bad floor sinks. The failed P-Traps and other accessible piping will also be replaced with 316 stainless steel pipes, which are corrosion-resistant and commonly used in industrial and food and beverage applications. To minimize the costs of concrete removal and lessen the time and resources that would otherwise be needed for extensive excavation, we recommended a cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) trenchless solution.

With this being a boiler room releasing hot water above 150 degrees, we carefully decided on the proper high-temperature lining materials and resins. This job required removing and replacing four floor sinks and inversion lining approximately 200’ of pipe in sections that ranged from 10’-100’ in length. The floor sinks were then piped back to the host pipe in 316 stainless steel due to the high-temperature water going into them.

As an experienced plumbing company, we used a reinforced fiberglass liner and silicate resin supplied by American Pipe Solutions (APS) for this job. We first lined all branch lines, followed by the mainlines. We did this to ensure a proper lateral/mainline connection seal. After the lining was cured, the branch line reinstatements were completed using our Picote Maxi Miller, which features a hardened steel drill head. Ceramic-based sandpaper was used to smooth the branch line reinstatement area, creating a smoother and more uniform surface.

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